About webtrees

webtrees is the web's leading on-line collaborative genealogy application. It is open source software, and costs $ zero - yes, that means totally FREE!

All you need to use it is a website with PHP and MySQL installed.

It works from standard GEDCOM files, and is therefore compatible with every  major desktop application; and it aims to be efficient and effective by using the right combination of third-party tools, design techniques and open standards.


Transferring from PhpGedView

Moving all your important data and configuration settings from an existing PhpGedView ("PGV") setup to webtrees is a quick and painless process.

webtrees has an easy-to-use "wizard" to transfer most of your information, assuming your PGV install meets certain requirements.

See our WIKI page for further details and the few exceptions.

So why not give webtrees a try? There is nothing to lose and a lot to be gained!



Version 1.7.1 released 13 July 2015

webtrees version 1.7.1 is now available for download. This release addresses issues realated to servers running PHP5.3

webtrees 1.7.0/1 includes new features as well as a major rewrite and modernisation of backend code. 

Languages:  webtrees now has support for 60 languages -- a  new administration option allows for easier management.  There is also a new online translation server (translate.webtrees.net) which makes it even easier to contribute to translations.

Mobile phone support:  If you use Google webmaster tools, you may have received warnings about mobile support. We've made some changes to improve this, and have completely rewriten the administration area (now called "Control panel") to use a mobile-friendly layout.

Administration:  There are a few additions to the administration functions; a renumbering and merging family trees and a function to help you find duplicate records after a merge.  webtrees checks for updates every 24 hours, so next time you log in to your site, you should be prompted to upgrade. An update to the robots.txt file has been made.

Performance:  There are a few performance enhancements. For example, we have reduced the number of database calls by fetching all family members in one operation.

Themes:  The theme system has been completely redesigned. Previously, if you wanted to make just a small modification, you needed to create and update an entire theme. Now, you only need to code the differences from an existing theme. So, if you simply want to change the header or some menus, that's all you need to do. Updates to the core code should be much less likely to require changes to the themes.

For a complete descriptions of this release see 1.7.0/1 Change List


Note: webtrees 1.7.x requires PHP5.3 or later.  However, this will be the will be the last ones to run on PHP 5.3.  If your server only supports PHP5.2, then you should install webtrees 1.4.6.

Note that it is harmless to accidentally install webtrees-1.7.x on a PHP-5.2 server. You'll simply get a message telling you to re-install the appropriate version.

See the wiki site for upgrade tips! (wiki.webtrees.net/en/Upgrading).

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Web Hostingweb hosting

webtrees must be installed on a web server.

This can be your own, or one of the hundreds advertised on the web. It must conform to the webtrees requirements described on this page:

Wiki: System Requirements.

If you prefer a host that specialises in webtrees, the following page lists some suppliers able to provide one for you:

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