Main Features

Share your information AND adding or editing it with your relatives around the world. But YOU control who has access and what they can see or do.
This is a VERY important aspect of putting your Family History on the web. With webtrees your data is as secure as you want it to be. Control is configurable at:
  • the site level - controlling who can view or register on the site, from anyone down to no-one!
  • the family tree level. Each tree you have can be configured differently.
  • the user level. You can vary what each registered user can see; whether they can edit data or not; and if you want them to be able to change configurations themselves.
  • the individual record level. You can configure webtrees to show only deceased persons data; or everyone; or hide specific individuals; even people who died recently; and much more...
  • the "fact" level. This allows you to hide more sensitive facts (such as Social Security Numbers) from everyone except yourself, or any level of access you choose.
  • combinations of the above
Display pages:
Individual, with configurable tabs to display Relatives, Sources, Notes, Maps, Media, Stories, and more...
Family, showing immediate relatives, and family events.
On every pages you can display media items attached to individuals, or specific events in an individuals history. "Media" means photos, documents, videos, sound-bites, web links etc.
Sort and filter lists of Individuals, Families, Sources, Notes, Repositories, Media items.
Place lists with maps.
Show "branches" of families with common surnames.
Configurable on-screen charts in a selection of layouts: Ancestry; circle; compact; descendancy; family book, hourglass, inter-active; lifespan; pedigree (chart or map); relationships, statistics; and timeline.
Text format reports and charts to view on-screen or download: Ahnentafel; birth date & place; births, deaths & marriages; cemeteries; descendancy, expanded relatives; family group, individual; marriage date & place, pedigree (portrait or landscape); relatives.
View events for today, this month in any year, or any year.
General, Advanced, and Search & replace (for users with permission to do so).
Extensive Help screens available throughout all pages, and for most features, as well as Help forum and Wiki assistance.
Add and view multimedia files of many types and formats: photographs, documents, certificates and video.
View maps of the locations where your ancestors lived and worked, using the Google Maps™ feature.
Themes (templates):
The standard webtrees package comes with six style themes (templates) from which to choose. One of those ("colors") has no less than 14 (!) different "color palettes", giving you a total of 19 different styles for your webtrees site. You can choose a different one for each family tree, and even allow your users to choose their own.
International display:
By default webtrees is displayed in "International English", but you can choose to install many other languages. These already include US, British, and Australian English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Finnish, French, and German. Others, including Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, and Turkish are well developed, and more will be available later.

About webtrees

webtrees is the web's leading on-line collaborative genealogy application. It is open source software, and costs $ zero - yes, that means totally FREE!

All you need to use it is a website with PHP and MySQL installed.

It works from standard GEDCOM files, and is therefore compatible with every  major desktop application; and it aims to be efficient and effective by using the right combination of third-party tools, design techniques and open standards.

Transferring from PhpGedView

Moving all your important data and configuration settings from an existing PhpGedView ("PGV") setup to webtrees is a quick and painless process.

webtrees has an easy-to-use "wizard" to transfer most of your information, assuming your PGV install meets certain requirements.

See our WIKI page for further details and the few exceptions.

So why not give webtrees a try? There is nothing to lose and a lot to be gained!



Latest Release

webtrees version 1.7.12 was released 8 December 2018, and can be downloaded from the

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Sites using PHP 7.1 please see this link

Note: webtrees 1.7.x requires PHP5.3 or later.  However, this will be the last ones to run on PHP 5.3.  If your server only supports PHP5.2, then you should install webtrees 1.4.6.

Note that it is harmless to accidentally install webtrees-1.7.x on a PHP-5.2 server. You'll simply get a message telling you to re-install the appropriate version.

See the wiki site for upgrade tips! (


Alpha  release of webtrees 2.0

webtrees version 2.0.0 Alpha-4, released 8 December 2018, is now available for download.  Please see this link (post #1) for details.  2.0 Alpha Features

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Web Hostingweb hosting

webtrees must be installed on a web server.

This can be your own, or one of the hundreds advertised on the web. It must conform to the webtrees requirements described on this page:

Wiki: System Requirements.

If you prefer a host that specialises in webtrees, the following page lists some suppliers able to provide one for you:

Specialist web hosting advertisements.