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These folders contain add-ons for webtrees submitted by users.

They are not included with the official release of webtrees, and are not maintained by the webtrees development team. Any queries you have regarding these should first be to the creator directly. If that doesn't work, you can  can try the Customising page of the Forum here. For the more popular items you might also find they have their own sub-category of the forum.

Note that all webtrees 1.6.x modules or themes will not run on webtrees version 1.7.x unless specifically noted.

Click on the name of any item to see its full description.

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Modules created and shared by users for webtrees that are not available as part of the standard package.

Click on the name of any item to see its full description.

zip.png Websearch 1.6.2


Websearch is a webtrees module that will add a tab with links to a couple of genealogy archives, starting a search for the current individual. I added mainly sites relevant for Germany but you can easily use it for other countries by changing or adding links to the code. 

tested with webtrees 1.6.2

In the past, I think it was with phpgedview, there was an option to search some web archives for a person right from pgv. I always missed that option in webtrees. Especially when starting with genealogy I found it helpful to have an easy option to search on some sites without entering the names again and again. Unfortunately I did not manage to find such an option, so about a week ago I decided to find out how php works and create what I am missing myself. As I am really new to php don’t expect beautiful code. I would be thankful for any suggestions.

Update 15 Feb 2015: M. Allred made some changes and was so kind to send me the updated module. Now the module will also include date and place of birth for the sites which support narrowing the search.   

2015-01-13 16:01:57
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zip.png Custom JavaScript Footer Module 1.4.6


This module provides administrators with the ability to add custom JavaScript to webtrees. The module consists of one file in addition to this 'Read me' file.

Replacement for previous version (version for 1.5.0 had case error - comes from developing on windows!). This new version works for both 1.4.6 & 1.5.2

2014-02-11 14:02:00
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zip.png Facebook integration v1.0-beta.6


Facebook integration allowing registration and login with a Facebook account. All of the authentication is done on the server-side so no external JavaScript files are needed. An administrator can link existing webtrees accounts and pre-approve Facebook accounts.

v1.0-beta5 was the last to support webtrees 1.5. v1.0-beta6 adds support for webtrees 1.6.1.

Registration Demo Video

Release Notes

2013-12-27 05:12:08

zip.png *** Fancy Modules *** 1.7.x

Fancy modules are modules to enhance your webtrees experience. From now on they are only available at www.justcarmen.nl.

All modules are ready for webtrees 1.7.x.

Fancy Branches

This module is an enhancement of the webtrees Branches list which can be found in the Main Menu under Lists / Branches. If this module is activated it allows the user to expand or collapse each family branch to make viewing easier.

Fancy Database Backup

This is a very small module with a very powerful purpose. It provides the ability to include the excellent “MySQLDumper” backup software into your webtrees administration panel options. Throughout webtrees documentation you are very sensibly advised to back up your database at frequent intervals, and especially before any upgrade. If your webhost provides a tool like PhpMyAdmin or cPanel you should, if you know how, be able to use that. But for greater flexibility, simplicty and convenience MySQLDumper is hard to beat.

Fancy Gendex

With this module you can generate a GENDEX file from webtrees. A GENDEX file is an index of personal data and a short page URL. It is used to index a genealogical website by a genealogical search engine. The idea behind it is to join numerous pedigrees of individual genealogical researchers to a central database, while the individual genealogical researchers are still keeping all control over their data.

Fancy Imagebar

The Fancy Imagebar is a nice looking imagebar between header and content of your webtrees homepage or my page. Since this version you can also place the Imagebar on other pages. The imagebar is built up with pictures from the media objects in your tree. It respects privacy settings.

Fancy Privacy List

This module is for site admins only. It shows a datatable list with all individuals in your tree where you can review the privacy settings of each individual.
You can view the current status: Living, Presumably still alive, Death and Presumed death or one of the custom RESN tags you set on the individual, With this list it is easy to find out if your privacy settings are correct or needed to be updated.

Fancy Research Links

A sidebar module that provides quick links to popular research web sites, using the individuals name as the search reference. At the moment almost 30 research websites are supported and the list is still growing.

Fancy Treeview

This is the most popular module of the Fancy series. With this module it is possible to add multiple pages for several branches in your family tree. The branches will be listed from the first generation down to the last one in a narrative way. It gives your users a quick overview of your family tree. Of course privacy rules are respected.

Click here for a live preview of a Fancy Tree View page.

On the Fancy Tree View configuration page you have some options. To start using the module enter a surname in the text field. The script will automatically search for the oldest person with this surname. It is also possible to manually enter the ID of the person you want to set as root person. After adding the root person you can set several other options. You can enter as much surnames as you like. There will be a menu-link and page created for each surname.

The package comes with a language file to translate the module into your own language. At the moment the module is already translated into 14 different languages. The module supports rtl-languages. From this version there is also PDF-support for rtl-languages.

Installation, updating and translation

For more information about these subjects go to the JustCarmen help pages. You will find there other tips as well.


All Fancy modules are hosted on Github, where you can follow development.


2015-07-14 12:07:36
zip.png Openstreetmap Module 1.5+


This module is designed to display webtrees place data on openstreetmap tiles, hosted by mapbox, and displayed via leaflet. Currently, it is in beta stages. For more information on the project, or to contribute bug/feature requests, or code contributions, see >https://github.com/oddityoverseer13/webtrees-openstreetmap


2014-07-17 08:07:42
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zip.png Places Assistant 1.7.1


The places assistant provides a split mode way to enter places names. The split mode was removed in webtrees 1.1.0 but this module provides this functionality. This version works with webtrees 1.7.0 and 1.7.1.

2011-03-01 11:03:43
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zip.png Single Page Pedigree report 1.7.6


This module includes a very nice new "single page" chart. The latest version includes also descendants in the chart.

It is included here as an add-on instead of being part of webtrees standard package because the "single-page" code does not yet conform to webtrees normal coding standards. It doesn't use the usual XML structure, doesn't have a comparable HTML version, and doesn't use the webtrees report framework. The code used to generate the PDF output is hard-coded which will make it difficult to maintain/support.


This version is compatible with webtrees 1.7.6



There is a bug in TCPDF library:

that unable to load the chart.

Quick and dirty fix is to comment out line 2002 in file vendor/tecnickcom/tcpdf/tcpdf.php

2011-03-01 09:03:44
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zip.png SOSA-Stradonitz Numbering System Webtrees 1.4.x 2.0.0


Webtrees 1.4.0

Display sosa numbers

2013-04-05 03:04:59
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zip.png SOSA-Stradonitz Numbering System Webtrees 1.7.9+ V-2.7.9-8b


V-2.7.9-8b  for Webtrees  1.7.9+  PHP 5.3

Add a button to get lists of sosa (html/txt/pdf) sorted by grand parents, all sosa and compatibility of navbar with some others themes

Add a button to check new version

Sidebar to display sosa & Gen of the ids.

All members can choose his own root and update the sosa numbers

Popup and menus  to change and oprate  de-cujus

Files for translation Eng/French Thanks Michel

Last versionV-2-7-9-3 new popup, checking for update, new interface, some bugs.

Admin can define a de-cujus  used by visitors only

V-2-7-9-2: navigation bar for sosas only, not shown on other pages. You can choose to show it or not in the configuration page (default: show)

V-2-7-9-4 23 SEP 2017: fix a bug in checking process and add a button to check immediatly new version

Admin can choose a de-cujus for visitors  in every tree

V-2-7-9-5a MAR 2018 Just a little bug which could cause troubles in a first installation

All details in the readme and or on http://www.adumas.1s.fr/download/

On my site anpther module "Arbre": a Tab with sosa from the  id of the file displayed over 5 generations.  Member can generate a pdf. Have a look on my site:



2013-04-05 02:04:59
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zip.png Openstreetmap Module 1.1


2015-04-30 11:04:28
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