webtrees add-ons

These folders contain add-ons for webtrees submitted by users.

They are not included with the official release of webtrees, and are not maintained by the webtrees development team. Any queries you have regarding these should first be to the creator directly. If that doesn't work, you can  can try the Customising page of the Forum here. For the more popular items you might also find they have their own sub-category of the forum.

Note that all webtrees 1.6.x modules or themes will not run on webtrees version 1.7.x unless specifically noted.

Click on the name of any item to see its full description.

To download webtrees itself click on Launchpad > Download from the menu at the top of this page.

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Miscellaneous files or use with webtrees that do not fit in the other categories here.

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zip.png Historical Facts script

This file is an example of the "Historical Facts."  You can modify the individual lines to suit.  If you wish an image to display, upload the image to any individual, note the "OBJE" tag, i.e. @M4975@, delete the link to the individual, and add the image tag to your event.

All you need to do is to add the file to the /data folder of webtrees and then, visit your family tree. Select an individual page and tick the checkbox Historical facts. You would see the events inserted within the facts and events of that individual.

For more information, see  http://wiki.webtrees.net/en/Historical_Facts

// Each line is a GEDCOM record to describe an event.

$histo[] = "1 EVEN     French Settle Canadan2 TYPE Historical Eventn2 DATE 1604n2 PLAC Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canadan2 NOTE French settlers begin to establish colonies in Canada - http://goo.gl/NAhnb9 n2 OBJE @M4975@";

2014-04-21 13:04:14
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php.png nocensus 1

This routine identifies individuals living in a country on a given date who do not have a census record. e.g. it lists everyone alive in England in 1841 who does not have an 1841 census record.

2012-08-22 13:08:08
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zip.png Object Iterator 1.0

This is a plain html file with a bit of JavaScript which allows webtrees admins to iterate through their collection of objects: individuals, families, sources, repositories, media and shared notes. So it starts with showing object number one (or any number you'd like) and there are "next" and "prev" buttons to navigate through them. For each of these object types (and all of your gedcoms) it will remember where you were using a browser cookie.

I built this to review the data I entered in the first few weeks I started using webtrees, and my "standards" have shifted a bit since. But there could be other uses for it also. You don't need to download or install it, you can try it out by clicking on this link.

The page takes a minimum of screen real estate: just one or a couple of lines at the top. Your own webtrees site fills the rest of your browser window.

The first line is for configuration. By default it takes the webtrees demo site. Paste any url of your own webtrees site in there and you're ready to go. Optionally you can specify a different gedcom. The "reset" button deletes the whole browser cookie. The "hide/show config" button at the right will hide or show this line.

The second line is to control the object type and number. The object type "index page" is used to verify your webtrees site and gedcom is accessible.

The last line contains the full url of the page shown. Can be used for debugging purposes. By default this is not shown, it's controlled by button "hide/show url" at the top right.


2012-05-08 14:05:04
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zip.png Old Fact icons

In webtrees 1.2.2 and later there have been some changes to the use of "Fact icons" (see also http://wiki.webtrees.net/Fact_icons )

  • The type of icons used is changed from .gif to .png. This provides better quality displays.
  • The set provided as standard in the xenea theme has been replaced with a new improved set.
  • The code to display them has been simplified, removing the complex options for different male/female, century, decade, and sub-type icons.

For anyone with a strong preference for the old style xenea icons, this file is a replacement set, of the same imaghes but converted to the .png type.

NOTE: I am not recommending these, as the new ones ARE better, but if you particularly want to retain the old look, you will need to use these replacements.

2011-07-05 08:07:42
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zip.png PGV DB Export Script PGVv4.2

db_export.php fix-it script for PhpGedView 4.2 databases; especially before conversion to webtrees.

2011-08-30 11:08:07
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zip.png Dynamic robots.txt 1.0

This file makes it easier to integrate the Webtrees 1.1 robots-example.txt into your own main robots.txt file without having to manually update the paths.

Just to be clear - this file is not required.  It just makes things a little easier.

2011-03-03 17:03:11
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html.png .htaccess file for apache webservers

If your webserver uses apache (almost all of them do), then this file can be used to set/reset various PHP configuration settings. The file nee...

2010-09-28 01:09:55
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