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Help for Legacy Users Regarding Places 10 years 2 months ago #1

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Since I use Legacy on my PC, I was having trouble with imported places not showing up correctly in Google Maps on my webtrees site. With some help from people here, we found one fix.

Here is another one, but it ONLY works for those with the GeoDatabase installed. (I believe only Deluxe Users have it...)

When entering your place and address data, FIRST use the GeoDatabase for City, County, State and country. Then use the "Address Notes" option for a specific address (if you want it). If you do not completely understand what to do, contact me and I will try to explain in more detail. Also, I can post a copy of a corrected GedCom on my demo server. After making your corrections, re-export your gedcom (UTF-8 or ANSI mode) and reload the gedcom to your webtrees site. Places will then show up correctly in googlemaps and address are in a proper format without re-editing.

It may take a little work to get everyone in your Legacy database corrected, but it is worth the time.

On another note, I have a correction and apology to make: I was in error when I said that Legacy "allows" for direct same-sex couple entry. In ONLY allows you to change the ROLE (ie. Husband or wife) for each partner. The GENDERS still remain one male and one female. The webtrees fix that one of the members (moderators?) posted here works great! (I wish Legacy and OTHER such programs allowed this...) Legacy DID send me a work-around, but it is a bit complex for the average user and really not worth the effort (though I will share it if asked). It is easier to do whatever with Legacy, then upload the Gedcom to webtrees and make the change there.


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