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Google Map flags - Important change notification. 9 years 10 months ago #1

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The next release of webtrees (1.2.2) will no longer include the Google Maps module flags folders. The number of these was growing, and most people only actually use a few of them. So we felt it would be easier if these were separated and made available in the "Add-ons" area of this site, in the same way that the lat/long csv files already are. This way need only add the flags you need for your countries.

Rather than start a whole new set of files, the flags have been included into the existing place files for each of the major countries. So just download the country file you need and you will find the flags sub-folder there. There is also a brief "readme" file included in each set to explain where to place the files on your webtrees site. Plus of course there is a comprehensive WIKI article at

As a final note - if you do a normal upgrade as per the standard instructions, your existing flags folders will not be touched, so you do not need to take any action at all to retain the feature. But if for any reason you do need to replace them, the Add-ons area (Google Map files) also includes a download of the current standard set that can be used to reinstate the full set that was distributed with version 1.2.1. ( )

Anyone using SVN via the full public read-access (not the nightly builds) WILL need to use this file, as the svn update process will delete the existing files automatically. The change is in svn 11919

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