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ALIA tag 8 years 11 months ago #1

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I have two INDIs who may be the same person. There is an ALIA tag in GEDCOM which could handle this. I believe it can be used two ways - an alias aka other name; or the suggestion the individual is the same as another in the tree. My INDIs date from just after the English Civil War but from opposing counties. Until I can prove a link how can I associate the two records as a possibility? Paul.

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Re: ALIA tag 8 years 11 months ago #2

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<<I believe it can be used two ways>>

I believe it can only be used in one way ;-)

I have used it myself.

However, the GUI isn't aware of this tag, so, when you initially enter it, you need to specify @I213@ instead of just I123. However, when re-editing an existing tag, you only need to enter I123

Also, you'll probably want to enter the ALIA tag for both individuals.
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Re: ALIA tag 8 years 11 months ago #3

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I've had the cause to use the ALIA tag only two times. Both times were I found a person that had a slightly different name than my target person but I thought they were reasonably the same people. But I want to keep the data separate until I had done a complete check on them. Eventurally (a few days later) I merged them together into the same record using the NAME_TYPE value (TYPE tag) of an additional NAME tag to indicate the person was "aka" this other person.

I set up an example in the Demo System for Big Boy /Captain/ to illustrate the connection.

IMHO if you get one of these situations you will probably in short order either merge the findings into one identity or split them into two without the ALIA tag.

The GEDCOM defines the tag as:
An indicator to link different record descriptions of a person who may be the same person.

The tag would look something like this:
0 @I1@ INDI
1 ALIA @I23@


0 @I23@ INDI
1 ALIA @I1@

+1 ALIA John /Doe/

Some software does this and is wrong!!

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