I have developed a range of add-ons for webtrees available only from my kiwitrees.net web site: kiwitrees.net/simpl-add-ons/. For any queries related to those items contact me direct from that site.
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Simpl_menu2 - only one menu item 8 years 5 months ago #1

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Hi Nigel
I have just downloaded Simpl_menu2 and have a few problems/suggestions based on testing sleebooth.co.uk with Chrome:
  1. I have just one menu item:nb Epiphany and your readme.html instructions says in Setup 2. Optional Changes:
    Menu item title: this is taken from the title of the module. By default it is "Menu". That can be changed in simpl_menu2/module.php, at row 45. BUT, if you have only one menu item, this title will be changed to the title of that menu item, and no sub-menu will be shown.
    This does not seem to be working. I still have "Menu | nb Epiphany" , whereas I expected just "nb Epiphany"
  2. The line number for the above change should be 38 not 45, I think.
  3. In the webtrees and xenea themes, the style.css does not seem to be working: Menu appears at the top of the Menu Icon (because it has no hyperlink).
  4. I found the instruction Setup 1c in the readme.html file, misleading: Add the address of the item you want this menu item to link to. For example "forum.php". NOTE: only web pages WITHIN your webtrees site site url can be accessed in this way.
    I would suggest you add something like, "Otherwise, prefix your menu link with http://linkdomain e.g. http: //wiki.webtrees.net/Main_Page"
John Graham SLEE
using Windows 8.1
Browser: Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11
webtrees Version 1.7.3
PHP Version 5.5.30; Apache 2.4.16 (Unix); MySQL Version 5.0.11

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Simpl_menu2 - only one menu item 8 years 5 months ago #2

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Re items 1-3, you are correct. There are a couple of minor code changes required for anyone using only a single menu item link. I will send you a revised file.

Item 4 is more complex, as it depends what you want to link to and how. I could either say nothing in the help file (probably my preference) or right a small book about the options. Its really up to you how you use this.

I, for example, would generally favour creating a simple file in my webtrees root, with a couple of lines of php and an iframe (though I hate them) linking to whatever page I want to display. That way the item, whatever it is, stays within the header/menus/footer constructs of webtrees, and keeps visitors included in your family tree site. Here's an example from a client's recent installation:

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