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TOPIC: Fancy Tree View Module

Fancy Tree View Module 7 months 1 week ago #1

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Since I upgraded to 1.7.11 last week, I have some problems with 2 of the 16 trees I have defined in the module. These 2 return nothing, whilst the other 14 still work fine. I have not changed my base data, only ran the upgrade.

Is there a way I can debug this, as simply following the webtree families does not show any discrepancy.

this is the weblog output for the error. Every time I deleted a media link, it refers to the next media item:

/volume1/web/webtrees/modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/FancyTreeviewClass.php:1398 imagejpeg(/volume1/web/webtrees/data/ftv_cache/1-M53-1362759058.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
#0 unknown:unknown ErrorException("imagejpeg(/volume1/web/webtrees/data/ftv_cache/1-M53-1362759058.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory")
#1 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/FancyTreeviewClass.php:1398 imagejpeg([resource], '/volume1/web/webtrees/data/ftv…')
#2 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/FancyTreeviewClass.php:981 getThumbnail([Media M53@1])
#3 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/FancyTreeviewClass.php:487 printThumbnail([Individual I57@1])
#4 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/FancyTreeviewClass.php:432 printIndividual([Individual I57@1])
#5 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/FancyTreeviewClass.php:395 printBlockContent()
#6 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/FancyTreeviewClass.php:321 printGeneration()
#7 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/Template/PageTemplate.php:107 printPage(98)
#8 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/Template/PageTemplate.php:92 pageBodyContent()
#9 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/app/Template/PageTemplate.php:32 pageBody([PageController])
#10 /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/module.php:255 pageContent()
#11 /module.php:26 modAction('page')


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