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Pigeon racing ? 1 week 1 day ago #1

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Hi. First of all thanks for a very interesting project and a good forum with a good tone.

I am new to webtrees and have my first installation up and running. My idea is to adapt this installation to my slightly odd needs.
Below I will presents my thoughts and needs. Those of you who have considerably more experience with webtrees are welcome to comment and come up with suggestions on how I can achieve my adaptations in the best and easiest way.
Thanks in advance.

My great passion in life is racing pigeons and breeding the best racing pigeons. I think webtrees can help me keep track of my pigeons. At the start of each year I have about 100 pigeons. But after the hawk and falcon have done their thing I'm down to about 60 pigeons by fall. So there will be a lot of individuals to keep track of over a period of time.

* First of all, I have to delete the need for a "root person". Because I buy new pigeons all the time and redo the breeding pairs every year.

* Take names out of the equation entirely. Pigeons have a ring with an individual number on it that I want to use instead. Structure of this number looks like following "BE-15-22-7890" BE = Country, 15 = club, 22 = the year the pigeon was born and 7890 = is the pigeon's unique number.
I want to be able to enter these numbers individually so I can use them for example, sort the pigeons based on club. But I want the whole number to be seen as the pigeon's name , for example in, the pedigree.

* The pigeon's place in the pigeon loft. My pigeon loft is divided into three different rooms. And in the room the pigeon can also have its own nest.

* The function of the pigeon. Is it a breeding pigeon, racing pigeon, etc.

I probably have a thousand more thoughts. But these are the first things I need to fix to get webtrees working for me.

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Pigeon racing ? 1 week 1 day ago #2

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Not a bad idea. I've heard webtrees is being used by breeders of dogs and horses

Since names are used all over, I would suggest to use the name field to store the number.
In the webtrees Control Panel you can select a naming convention that puts the surname first.
Then you can enter e.g. Surname = BE-15 and Given name = 22-7890, which renders a Full name of BE-15 22-7890.

There are ways to change labels on the screen, so it shows "Ring number" instead of "Full Name", "Country-Club" instead of surname, "Year-id" instead of Given name etc.
But for this you need to make a custom translation module. Probably less priority, takes effort, but can be done.

To the individual you can add a Residence fact in which you enter in which room the pigeon lives.
Breeding or racing, probably you can add tags to then, or abuse the Occupation fact.

Good luck! I hope you did not fall victim to the bad weather incident in the south of France this weekend!
stamboom.BertKoor.nl runs on webtrees v1.7.13

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