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Enhancements to MEDIA module 2 weeks 4 days ago #1

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The current MEDIA module is a big improvement over the past approach. However, there are areas that may need further refinement or extension. This is especially relevant for those who want to used Media with Notes as a kind of a photo-bio, or a life story. Current Stories module is not fulfilling such a requirement, especially as it is not GEDCOM compatible. you for your comment.

Here are some ideas for enhancing the MEDIA module:

Use the Media with the Notes for each photo. If the photos are sorted chronologically, it would read like an illustrated life story. However, this is very awkward. The current navigation in Media editing mode is very cumbersome. There should be only one save button when adding notes in media with one click return precisely to the point before the edit.

But this would only be patching the current errors. We need a long-term solution. To do that here are some suggestions.

Media with four modes of operations:

1. Editing mode only for authorized users, which includes adding Notes, as now
2. Displaying photos (or videos) as now
3. Displaying photos (or videos) as now but with the Note for a given image displayed beneath (limited to say 1/3 of a page), probably the easiest interim solution
4. Displaying the text content under a photo not as a 'Shared Note' as now, but seamlessly like a book.

The 4th solution is in my view the right one in the long-term. There are several ways how it could be done (unfortunately, I am not a programmer, so I cannot do it). One way is to create a separate Display only module, perhaps with some minimal editing. That would require the creation of an interface (or a meta hyperlink), which would bound all the photos and the notes together. That Display module could be created from scratch or perhaps a modified Stories module could be used. In this solution, such Photo-bios would in fact be still developed using Media plus Notes so that everything would remain GEDCOM compatible.

I realize it is a big task and perhaps it could be done in stages. A brainstorming session with the actual developers of the relevant modules might be helpful.


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