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TOPIC: Thumbnails and GEDCOM media path

Thumbnails and GEDCOM media path 4 years 7 months ago #26

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ToyGuy wrote:
sonoptikon wrote:
When I add a picture to the person, it gets a path, and after uploading the path must be destracted by webtrees. And I think, when I use "/" in webtrees, and WIndows uses "\", the path cannot be distracted correctly.

I changed this, and now I will see.

What does this mean? When you upload a picture (better description would be a FILE) to webtrees (better description would be 'to a webtrees media folder') webtrees only knows what you tell it, and all you should be telling it is a file name, which it should have automatically entered from your browsing to locate the file on its path on your local machine. That local path is not uploaded, but rather only the file name is associated with the file itself. In almost all cases, unless you are trying to add the file to a particular, special folder, the image will be added directly to your media folder at the top level (/data/media/) in most cases and then appear as simply YOURPICTUREFILE.JPG. It will have no 'path'.

Yes, and I think that I begin to understand what is the "mechanic" of uploading. I think my problem was the mixture of "/" and "\". AGES "understands" "/", but when I add a new FILE then it uses "\", so I have a mixture of "/" and "\", and when I use a path with "/" in webtrees, webtrees will find this path in my GEDCOM, but it will not find the same paths with "\". So now I care that my AGES uses always "\", and in my GEDCOM Media Path I use "\", too. I uploaded two new files to data/media, and it worked. there is only one little problem: Sometimes, when the file is too large (between 1 or 2 MB), webtrees does not make a thumb. Perhaps here should a warning or a message "Could not make thumb for file XXX".
But thats ok. When thumb is missing, I can make it by hand and uipload, normally may picture (files) are quite small and making thumb is no problem. So everything found a good end, I think.

And of course thanks to you and your patience, next problems will com and we will stay in communication

Windows 7 32-bit, webtrees 1.4.1, PHP 5.0 (Provider for webtrees is 1&1)
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