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TOPIC: simple, effective backup strategy for 1.7.14

simple, effective backup strategy for 1.7.14 3 months 1 week ago #1

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I'm wanting to find a simple, effective backup procedure that I can 'set & forget' to backup all of my webtrees installation?
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simple, effective backup strategy for 1.7.14 3 months 1 week ago #2

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Backup to where?

If you are saving to the same disk/computer, then you are protecting yourself against things like accidently deleting your data, but you are still risk losing everything if the computer/disk fails.

Exporting data and transferring it to an external server generally requires more server resources than are available to typical PHP web scripts, so there is no simple/automatic solution to this problem.

Also, typical web hosts do not provide any task-scheduling, and so you can't easily get your site to back itself up regularly.

For my own server, I create daily/weekly/monthly backups of both files and databases - which are copied to several physical locations.
I also backup database transaction logs, server configuration, etc.

This is probably excessive for most users ;-)

There are several things to backup, and your backup schedule should depend on how often you are updating your site.

1) media files. Since you uploaded them to your site initially, you presumably have a local copy,
so these often aren't critical.
Backup using an FTP program to copy them locally. Most FTP programs (e.g. FileZilla) have an
option to copy only files that have changed, so you don't need to download many GB of files each time.
Perhaps do this every few months?

2) genealogy data. This is included in the database (see 3, below), but you can export it quickly and simply by
downloading a GEDCOM file. Perhaps do this every time you do a significant amount of work on the site?

3) database. This includes all your site settings, user accounts, etc. which do not change frequently.
PhpMyAdmin allows you to export all the data in a single file. As with media files, doing this every few
months is probably enough for most people.
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