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TOPIC: Impossible to link media?

Impossible to link media? 9 months 2 days ago #1

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I am not sure if this is associated exclusively with the latest webtrees update or not (I am not a frequent user) , but I now appear unable to link media objects (jpgs) to individuals.

Any new jpg image I upload using the 'new media object' dialog while editing an individual seems to create an icon rather than a thumbnail, and clicking the icon results in the message 'the file xxx does not exist'.

I have tried using all lowercase letters in the filename with no spaces, clearing browser cookies, and clearing browser cache (Ctrl F5), and even viewing with a different browser - no improvement. The website is on a subdomain where the main domain is on Cloudflare, however full-purging the Cloudflare cache and switching cloudflare to 'development mode' and waiting for a while also makes no difference.

I can use the 'link to media object' command in that 'missing' media object dialog, and can search and find and select the file by filename again to relink it - so presumably the object is being found on the server by the dialog, even if not by the media module itself.

Interestingly, I cannot select the subfolder that the new media object was uploaded to from the drop down 'Folder Name on Server' field in that dialog. though I can leave the folder name blank and search by filename and find it within that dialog as noted

The subfolder is also validly named as far as I can tell - no odd characters or spaces, and the resulting path should not be excessively long.

I can find the file in that folder via ftp, download and successfully open the image

All other already linked media objects seem to still behave normally

Is there any way that something about my hosting environment might have changed to break the media module in some way that affects only new objects?

I can't see anything odd about the affected media files themselves - they certainly open in windows, and don't have any illegal characters in filenames etc

**** EDIT

It seems by repeating the process, again and again, deleting the linked file BOTH using the media dialog, and via ftp every time, eventually the website media module succumbs and accepts the uploaded file, once the dialog eventually recognizes the existence of the subfolder... Presumably some sort of path synchronisation lag issue
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