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GEDCOM export 8 months 4 weeks ago #1

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Hello together, I am Ralf and I am using WebTrees for the first time.
It all looks fine and works like expeted, but I have a question about GEDCOM export.
When I export the GEDCOM file, the path to the pictures is separated with slash /
Example: Bilder/Mustermann, Erika/Foto.jpg
is it possible to change the slash with a backslash? ( / to \ )

Best regards
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GEDCOM export 8 months 4 weeks ago #2

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Yes (mostly).

There is an import/export option "Media path".

If you *import* a GEDCOM file which contains media paths such as C:\Documents\Genealogy\Erika\Foto.jpg" and you want to have just "Erika/Foto.jpg" in webtrees, then you specify "C:\Documents\Genealogy\" as the path, then webtrees will remove it automatically.

When you *export* this tree to a GEDCOM file, webtrees will ask you if you want to add this same path back.

(You cannot select this path, the only option is to use the same path that you set on import.)

If the path contains "\", then webtrees will also convert the slashes.

So, if you want to add a prefix to all the filenames, then yes (import, choose path, export).
But if you just want the existing slashes changed, there is no option for this.
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