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TOPIC: Adding New Individual to a Family Tree

Adding New Individual to a Family Tree 4 months 2 weeks ago #1

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This is my first time setting up Webtrees. I choose to install the 2.0.0 alpha pre release. I created two families and added an individual. I changed the John Doe to the default individuals. Now I want to add more individuals and there is no button to add one. I have administrative rights. I recreated a new user and gave them editor role for the two families I had created as administrator. I then logged in as the user and still cloud not find a way to add new individuals. What Am I missing ? My webtree runs on localhost on Windows 10
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Adding New Individual to a Family Tree 4 months 2 weeks ago #2

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webtrees uses the "GEDCOM" format for storing and processing its data.

In GEDCOM, you have two main types of object - individuals and families.

You add individuals to families, and add families to individuals.

On the page of your first individuals (John Doe), you'll see a tab which shows all of his families.

Go to this tab, and you'll see options to add new relatives (along with the corresponding family groups).

e.g. there you can add a spouse (which will also create a family record for storing the marriage details).
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Adding New Individual to a Family Tree 4 months 2 weeks ago #3

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You'd usually extend the tree by adding to the default individual: adding parents, a partner & children. This can be done on the Family tab.
So the first step should be to change John Doe into yourself or whoever you'd like to start the tree with:
edit the name, birth details, etc.

You'd usually avoid the need to create unrelated individuals. If the "users" are related (cousins) then extend the tree in the aimed direction and you'll get there.
But if you really need unrelated individuals, there's two ways:

1. Add the person as a child to an existing family. I then open his/her page in a separate tab for convenience to work on further later. Then in the family page (click on the link of the parents) with menu Edit - Change family members remove the person from the family. Any editor can do this.
2. Administrators have the option to create unrelated persons directly: My Pages - Control Panel - Manage Family Trees - Add Unlinked Record of type Individual. runs on webtrees v1.7.9
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