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Question TIP/FYI -- "base_url" setting -- for those with development and production

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1 year 1 month ago #1 by JohnDBush
This is just a tip or FYI for those who have a separate server for development and testing.

In addition to database name and password, the file /data/config.ini.php contains a setting for base_url, so that WebTrees can know where the application is installed on your server.

If you are testing or staging on a different machine, be sure to change this setting as appropriate for the server you are working on.

I apologize if this is considered to be common knowledge, but I was bitten by this (luckily with no harm done!) when I kept bouncing over to the production site after connecting to the development instance. So, I figured it was at least worth mentioning here.


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3 weeks 2 days ago #2 by johnnybrame
Hey John, thanks for sharing this helpful tip! 💡 It's one of those small details that can make a big difference when you're juggling between development and production environments.

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2 weeks 6 days ago - 2 weeks 6 days ago #3 by ShelHarby
Changing the base_url setting in /data/config.ini.php is crucial for avoiding those unexpected jumps to the wrong server. Don't worry about it being common knowledge; sometimes, it's the little things that catch us off guard. Your reminder could save others from similar surprises. And if anyone's still on the lookout for additional tips or ways to improve their software, considering mobile application testing could be a wise move. It's all about ensuring a smooth user experience for your app, and you can explore more about it at zaptest.com .
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