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Question webtrees faces module - display additional OBJE data

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1 month 2 weeks ago #1 by HerzScheisse
Hey guys,

Do any of you know a way how we can display additional gedcom data stored in the mediaobject...?

webtrees faces module support to display DATE and PLAC tags but only from facts... 

Because i have stored many information in the media object itself, like _DATE and NOTE i want to display this too...here is a example of what the GEDCOM data looks like:
0 @M674@ OBJE 1 FILE Bild_0605.jpg 2 FORM jpg 3 TYPE PHOTO 2 TITL Bild_0605 1 CREA 2 DATE NOV 1981 1 NOTE Short note or some sentences, even transcibed church records 1 NOTE @N162@ // shared note 1 _DATE NOV 1981

I tried to implement this myself, but my very little basic php knowledge cant get this solved... Maybe some of you can help with this... this would be awesome.

the related Github issue is  github.com/UksusoFF/webtrees-faces/issues/78

here is a example of how i would like to have this displayed:

webtrees 2.1.19 - modules: all vesta, faces, legal notice, privacy policy, fancy treeview, fancy research links
Linux Ubuntu | PHP 8.3.3 | MariaDB 10.5.23 | rewrite_urls="1"

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