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xeneo xeneo

Modified version of the standard xenea theme, updated for webtrees 1.6.2.


Older versions can be found at the github project page.

These are the main differences from xenea:

  • All color definitions are moved from style.css to a new file colors.css. This makes it much easier to adjust colors to your own liking, and to make adjustments consistent across page items: if you want to change the dark green to brown, you can change that in one place.
  • The color scheme uses blue and red nuances for person boxes only. A theme that uses blue for neutral elements seems to confirm that "it's a man's world". OK, it is, but it doesn't have to be emphasised.
  • The look and feel is modernized. The webtrees layout is (still) table-based, but it doesn't have to look that way. NB: the theme uses the css3 property box-shadow, which is not recognized by all browsers (read: Internet Explorer and really old browsers). There are workarounds for these, and I may eventually incorporate them, but only after the theme passes from the development stage to the adjustment stage.
  • Minor enhancements: more logical placement of the color, theme and favorite menus; the site name is a link to the front page; personalized favicon (it's my grandfather; replace it with your own); etc.

I still consider it a beta version, in the sense that there may still be obscure windows that I haven't "found" and adapted yet, but it is the only theme I use on my own site, and there aren't any problems. The colors.css file can still be optimized a whole lot more, and there may be bugs that I've overlooked, so take it for what it is. I welcome feedback and bug reports.

It can be seen in action on my own site.

The name: it's a "neo-xenea", and my anglicized initials are "eo"...



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AuthorEyolf Østrem
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Created2012-10-07 09:10:40
Created byEyolf Østrem
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