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I have developed a range of add-ons for webtrees available only from my web site: For any queries related to those items contact me direct from that site.

SUJET : General update on "simpl-add-ons"

General update on "simpl-add-ons" il y a 7 ans 2 mois #1

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All of the add-ons available at are now fully compatible with webtrees 1.3.1.

I have also changed the name of the original "simpl_theme" to "simpl_grey". This is to accommodate a second "simpl_theme" that is now available, called "simpl_skyscape".

If you updated to simpl_theme for webtrees 1.3.1 already, there is no need to replace it with "simpl_grey". It is ONLY the name that has changed.

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General update on "simpl-add-ons" il y a 7 ans 2 mois #2

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Hi Nigel.

Just wanted to compliment you on your simpl themes. I generally prefer full width over fixed width but you have done a great job with it. I know it isn't a simple thing to come up with a new theme from scratch. I've had a hard enough time just modifying one :)
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