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Fancy ImageBar 2.0.10: opt out from square thumbnails doesn't work il y a 5 mois 1 semaine #1

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I have been using the Fancy ImageBar module since webtrees 1.7.x using a specific folder for portrait pictures. I currently have 36 .jpg files in that folder with all of them using the typical portrait format with an identical aspect ratio of 2:3. I am using the same pictures as primary media objects for these individuals.

Now with webtrees 2.0.11 and Fancy ImageBar 2.0.10 I can no longer opt out from the the square thumbnails. The only difference between the two options seems to be:
  • opt-in: a square cropping happens at the center and "scalps" the individual
  • opt-out: a square cropping happens at the top and cuts the individual's chin off
I consider this a bug and just opened issue 61 at GitHub. Please let me know whether you agree and are willing to fix it.

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