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Display complex all-in-on-tree with GVExport il y a 1 semaine 3 jours #21

Also I am pleased to hear that some more webtree-users found the module helpful and are using it, after I had read about several failing attempts in the beginning.

I have very much appreciated the existence of this extension! I very much appreciate that it was updated to support webtrees 2.0.

where can I download it

You mentioned your son had updated this to work with webtrees 2.0 and posted a link to the repository. I have submitted a pull request in the repository that can be seen here . If your son could accept the pull request, you could download it from his repository.

Otherwise, you can get it from my forked version here:

which version of webtres have you been using

I use webtrees installed via docker, with an auto update. Basically I get new versions of webtrees automatically applied almost as soon as they are released. I'm currently running 2.1.2.

Finally I address the many capable IT-experts in the webtrees community to provide one crucial improvement of GVExport:
At presence it needs GraphViz to be installed at the server to get printable output, whereas it is possible to get screen-display provided by the client. Maybe someone can append a printer extension to run on the client.

That's almost certainly beyond my current ability but I agree that would be great!

(sorry I submitted by accident so you might have got notified about a half-written post - I have now edited with what I intended to write)

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