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SUJET : See and edit SOUR-Details

See and edit SOUR-Details il y a 6 mois 1 semaine #1

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I had problems with editing the source details. For this I had a thread elsewhere in the forum.
Greg quickly helped me with an individual intervention in the source code of source.php.
Thanks again.
This causes me to post a general suggestion for new feature and I hope it's not too stupid of me.

When I want to view or edit the details of the sources, all connected objects (individuals, families, notes) are loaded.
This can take a while for a source connected to many objects.
It can even stuck the system if the time_limit is exceeded.
To prevent this, the following options could be offered:
  • See / edit source details
  • Show connected objects

Thank you for your Attention
Dieter Eckstein
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