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SUJET : how to record the official registration of facts

how to record the official registration of facts il y a 3 mois 1 semaine #1

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I want to record the official registration of birth, marriage, death.
In The Netherlands we have to register it at the municipality. The civil servant creates an official document (a deed).
How do I have to record that in Webtrees?

Kind regards.
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how to record the official registration of facts il y a 3 mois 1 semaine #2

  • Luenissla
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Hello, Guido,
if you have Markdown in the settings of the file at the point "Text", then you can link in each text field a URL like this:
[Document](complete link).
Remember when calling that the link is not called with target=_blank.
Best regards
Hans-Joachim (Lünenschloß)
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how to record the official registration of facts il y a 3 mois 1 semaine #3

  • bertkoor
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Birth, marriage and death are events stored in GEDCOM format in webtrees. You can supply the origin of the data by linking the event to a Source record, so for future reference (other genealogists viewing your data) the origin can be traced back and verified. To what extend you do that, and in which structure is up to you to decide.

On my own site I only provide a source if it was either obscure or hard to find (there are several websites that are very easy to research:,, so if it comes from there I usually do not record it, too much work and no benefit for me) or in case I find conflicting information it's good to record which source says what. Btw with close relatives and direct ancestors I tend to quote more sources than with very distant relatives.

The Source record can again be linked to a Repository, but this is not required.

In case you have an actual original print (or copy) of the deed (for example it is your own birth certificate) you can create a Source record titled for instance "Uittreksel Geboorteregister G. van Harten" which has a link to the scan (that's then a Media Object) and you can provide a transcription of the (interesting parts of the) text in the field Source Citation Details. Such source records can be linked to a repository called for instance "Personal archive of G. van Harten"

If we're talking about historical data that you research through archives, it makes sense to create one Source record per register you accessed. There would typically be sources like "Geboorteregister gemeente Utrecht - 1812-1882", "Huwelijksregister gemeente Utrecht 1812-1882", "Huwelijksbijlagen gemeente Utrecht", "Overlijdensregister gemeente Utrecht". These could for instance match the microfilm titles accessible through These set of sources then can be connected by linking them to one Repository called "Gemeentearchief Utrecht"

Each individual event would then refer to that source with citation details containing things like the number of the deed, page it was found, permalink url to the scan on familysearch, or a media object with the scan.

I also have sources for commonly used websites like "Delpher Kranten - Koninklijke Bibliotheek", "Wikipedia", "" (all of these are not linked to a Repository) and it's also good to have a source titled "Some internet site I stumbled upon" for anything else you don't want to bother about creating a source for. The alternative would be to just put a link in a short inline note, but then visitors have access to that as well. I have restricted access to Sources to Members only, while inline notes are not restricted. So protection of your sources is something to think about as well.

So you have the freedom to choose a structure that fits your needs. When I started I had one Source record for each and every deed I found, later I found that too much work. So my definition and usage of Source and Repository has shifted. runs on webtrees v1.7.13
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